Vintage Klefki
an old klefki, from an old house, hoarding old keys
Love for the Dark
Gema Fangoria, the sableye
Weekly Challenge: Bikini+Cute
Tachuela, the Punk Clown
weekly challenge: Punk+Colorful
Armand, the gengar
Gemma, the sableye 
Q: Hi! I love your artwork and your style, Is it possible to get tattoo of one of your pieces? Thank you!

sure, just tell them where you got it XD

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"Hoard of umbrellas and parasols"
weekly illustration challenge inspired by this
God of the Street
"God of the street, lord of the lower hoods and forgotten alleys, worshiped by the tramps and vagabonds, the gangsters, the lowlifes, and the arstists of crime, guardian and punisher, arstist and criminal, for some, keeper of the bad life, for others, bringer of the good death, the street rests protected by his always watching prescence"
Weekly Challenge: Deitity+Rebbel
Happy Valentines Day
Gift for my girlfriend, using our pokemon pairings to for a heart

Hellhound Tattoo
Inside the hellhounds gang, it is a custom to get a personalized tattoo. It can have the elements and messages the member wants, but something is required: A Houndoom skull.
The tattoo can be placed anywhere the members wants, and can be in any style they want, and so far, the only one not wearing a tattoo is Dark, the houndoom
1. Sanderson2. Figgaro3. Juras4. Hannibal
Something about us
little gift/fanart for my Girlfriend
Lady Humboldt, the Malamar
Sanderson, the Krookodile
Juras, the Mega Tyranitar